This 22-page, 4068 word, special Executive Insights report features 12 practical diagrams, planning charts and our unique Action-Guide Worksheets. It examines, evaluates and reveals the most effective behaviors, attitudes and work processes developed, used and mastered by world famous, highly successful innovative leaders in business, community, socially-active and government organizations.

How To Develop, Energize and Apply Your
Innovative Leadership Power!

Each Executive Insights report equips professionals, managers and leaders, like you, with deep conceptual knowledge and provides our readers with practical how-to tutorials for developing extraordinary skills and competencies. In short, these Insights will encourage, enlighten, engage AND empower you!

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"I really like the paper you sent me. I am reading it very slowly and savoring it. I am inspired...  I also like the cadences of your writing. Some of your sentences beg to be read aloud."
Dr. Jane M. Fraser
Author, Professor & Chair-Engineering Department
Colorado State University-Pueblo

Dear Mr. Bill Thomas,
Thank you very much for sharing this information with me. From the first page that I begun to read it seemed to me very interesting and captivating. This information is very well presented and very useful for our work and for our profession.

Best regards,"
Mihaela Doncea, MBA

"Thanks Bill,
I just read it.  It is thoughtful and well presented.   It is especially applicable to those people who get so busy running their own companies/organizations that they don't have the time to research how they might or should be improving.
All the best."
Ann Blackburn, Ph.D.
Organizational Performance Improvement Consultant
California, USA

Follow the Wise Advice of Performance Improvement Professionals -
Energize Your Innovative Leadership Skills, Today!

Dear Friend,

Each and every engineer, executive, entrepreneur AND professional needs to:

  • Unravel today's complex economic and social realities;
  • Create and add subtanstial amounts of new value;
  • Develop products which satisfy or exceed consumer demands;
  • Provide competitive services to help their organizations succeed globally.
If you could acquire the aptitudes and follow the behavioral patterns of highly competent innovative leaders like Steve Jobs, Meg Whitman, Jack Welch, Michael Dell, Madam Marie Curie, Ben Franklin and other innovators, you would be fully prepared to lead your group into the next frontiers of imaginative possibilities and establish a sustainable culture of innovation.

Within this Executive Insights Report, you will learn how to:

  • Distinguish an innovative leader from other traditional leaders;
  • Define the strategic insights, creative instincts and artistic flair demanded of innovators;
  • Analyze and decipher the inner qualities of innovative leadership;
  • Use activity-based learning techniques to quickly, thoroughly and permanently comprehend any subject matter;
  • Adopt and acquire new behaviors, traits and aptitudes;
  • Confidently begin the process of becoming an innovative leader;
  • Practice and master the skillful art of innovative leadership;
  • Apply innovative leadership to the realities of your world.
This Executive Insights Report describes 19 strategies innovative leaders can use to transform their organizations into profitable and productive innovating organisms powered through global knowledge networks.

Your Executive Insights Report will help you understand the critical actions every innovative leader needs to take. You'll learn how to effectively apply your innovation-generating techniques to your daily situations.

You will use your Action-Guide Worksheets and lessons to develop a powerful personal portfolio of innovative behaviors and aptitudes which will empower you to successfully manage your most difficult challenges and easily discover a wide range of feasible solutions.

This Report is produced by: Mustard Seed Investments, Inc., Publishers of:
The Sustainable, Evolutionary, Innovation Leadership-Strategy Programs

The Innovative Leadership Executive Insights Report will serve as an absolutely essential, treasured resource for

  • Creativity or innovation Consultants, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Trustees or Directors and Managers;

  • Individual Professionals or Innovators and idea Promoters or Generators wishing to increase or improve their creative output.

  • Key organizational teams involved with developing or managing human capital assets, products or services, organizational resources or culture, process quality, professional services, facilities or manufacturing, information technologies, intrapraneurs, corporate strategy, business creativity and innovation.
  • Just look at the table of contents:

    1. Chapter 1 - Energizing Your Innovative Leadership Power - through a set of aptitudes you can acquire through learning and practice
    2. Chapter 2 - Exploring the Inner Qualities of Innovative Leadership - understanding the underlying qualities of history's most innovative leaders
    3. Chapter 3 - Deciphering the Mysteries of Innovative Leadership - cataloging real-life examples of innovative leadership behaviors, traits & characteristics
    4. Chapter 4 - The 19 Traits, Aptitudes and Behaviors of Innovative Leadership
    5. Chapter 5 - Taking Your First Steps Towards Becoming An Innovative Leader
    6. Chapter 6 - Practicing and Mastering the Fine Art of Innovative Leadership
    7. Chapter 7 - Applying Innovative Leadership to the Realities of Your World
    8. APPENDIX A - Innovative Leaders Must Understand People, Trends Information & Reality
    9. APPENDIX B - Using the ASKS Pyramid - a Process for Reaching Effective Solutions
    10. APPENDICES C & D - The Action-based Learning Diagram and Action-Planning Chart

    Learn the formulas of highly effective innovation leaders by developing your own powerful personal portfolio of innovative behaviors, thinking patterns and aptitudes

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