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From the desk of: Deepak Arora & Bill Thomas
Subject: Popping out Sales letter

Dear Friend and Marketer,

You are moments away from the most incredible sales letter experience of your life!

Let me start by asking you a simple question. If you have a 100 mile journey in front of you, would you rather travel a gravel road, filled with pot holes, no lanes, and no guidelines to tell you how far you've traveled, or would you rather travel a nicely paved, clearly marked highway?

If have a job to do, and you'd rather use the most modern and powerful tools available, then you're about to have a big ol' grin on your face.


Because, I'm going to show you how to take a task that takes many marketers HOURS if not DAYS to do, and do it in a fraction of the time. And more - you'll do a better job, too!

Prepare to be blown away!

To fully appreciate this, let's go back to the Dark Ages - the early 1980s. Back then, there were no personal computers. There were no mouses. There was no bloatware or crummy operating systems.

You had a typewriter.

The typewriter was good enough to build highways; it was good enough for you.

But typewriters were terrible for writing long sales letters. Make a mistake on the first page and catch it when you're working on the 9th page, and you had a huge rewrite on your hands! (People yelled "ARRRRGH!" a lot back then!)

Then in the late '80s and '90s wordprocessors came along and the world changed!

You could now write long sales letters and eventually web based sales letters. Make a mistake or just change your mind? No problem. Edit the critter and everthing is great. Couldn't be better could it?

Well - as good as word processors and web editors are, they are still general purpose devices and don't have much in the way of helping you with the specific task of writing a powerful sales letter.

A few marketers have come out with various sales letter software packages, but these are little more than fill-in-the-template packages.  They're good in that they help you think things through, but they do little to get you started, to make changes on the fly, edit and change things again, etc.

What's needed, and what now exists for the very first time is a REAL SALES LETTER PROCESSOR.

Introducing "Evolution" - The Sales Letter Processor!

So let me tell you how this program evolved.

I have a copywriter (John Chavez) who works with me. He lives in the US and I live in India. No problem with email and ICQ. We chat for hours on various projects.

One day, he said, "You know, Deepak, what I could really use would be a sales letter program."

Now I had something rudimentary already developed, so I was intrigued and I asked him to continue.

So he listed the things that he wanted the sales letter program to do. Before I tell you all the things he wanted (and it was a lot! ),

Let me tell you the most important thing he said

"Deepak. I can write my own sales letters. I write them fast and I write them good, but I always start from scratch. I would love to have a program that would let me jump-start the process. I'd like a program that would let me write much faster because you and I are talking about adding a lot more work for me." (Which is true.) "But my time is limited. So if I'm going to pile on a lot more work, I'd love to have a tool that helps me speed things up."

Now let me point out something. He does work that I love. But I could see his point. I am about to increase his work load, and his current obligations aren't about to change anytime soon. So something else has to change instead. Either I could work with someone else (I don't want to do that), or I could see if I could help him out.

"Evolution" is the result of our discussions!

So What Did John Ask For? :)

"Here's what I want, Deepak."

I want the software to set up the basic structure of the sales letter based on templates that I'll create for it. I want to select a template and have it ready to work with. And I want the ability to tweak the sales letter when I'm done. In other words I only want the template to start me off. I don't want it to limit what I can do. - Inculded!  

I want a ton of headlines to brainstorm and then pick one to work with. So if I pick the famous, "They laughed at me when..." I want to be able to make it, "They sneered at me after ..." And I want the headlines to look good. - Inculded

I want to be able to call something a testimonial and have it automatically format an inner table for me, ready to enter the text for it. - Inculded!  

I want to have snippets.

"What are snippets?" I asked.

"They are bits of text and/or graphics and/or pieces of HTML code and/or CSS styles and/or JavaScripts. They're stored in the program, and you can pick them randomly, and then the program puts them in place."

I LOVE this idea! It makes "Evolution" almost infinitely extendable!

I want to have snippets. I want the ability to see a snippet and pick it. Then I want the ability to edit it. And I want the ability to change my mind and delete it.- Inculded!  

I want the ability to load my sales letter with features and benefits so that it's easy for me to write about a product and how it will help my customers solve problems or do something better. - Inculded!  

I want the ability to go through the sales letter using the "Sequence Of The Masters." I want to be able to work with the software in a sequence and get the basic sales letter done. Then I want to be able to return to any section I want - randomly - and make it better. - Inculded!  

I want to be able to go under the hood and tweak the HTML. - Inculded!

I want the ability to include a popup window on demand. - Inculded! (It's part of the snippets.)

I want a standardized guarantee with one of those seals you see on sales letters. But I don't want the same one that everyone else uses. I'm not sure what the copyright is on that one. So I'll come up with a couple and I want the program to let me include either of them - along with the standard guarantee text. - Inculded! (It's part of the snippets.)

I want to be able to define my bonuses and have them properly placed in the sales letter. - Inculded!

I want to write the closing within the tool and have it positioned in the right place in the sales letter. - Inculded!

Now, think about this, my friend.

I could have said, I'm going to create a piece of software like this and consulted various ebooks and so forth to come up with some of the ideas we generated in our discussions. But to have the REAL INPUT from a professional copywriter? Are you kidding me? This blows the socks off of every other product out there - period!

One more thing - John's expertise is copywriting. Mine is software and interfaces. So John didn't even try to guide me on this. But here's what he told me when I presented the software it to him.

"Wow, Deepak. This interface is PERFECT. With this interface I can bang out sales letters at least 5 times faster with full confidence that I'm hitting all the necessary bases. And with the snippets and headlines and all the other bells and whistles - I can easily do in a few minutes what would have taken me hours before!"

Want to see the interface?

Here it is.

Screenshot: Main Software

Screenshot: Headline Generator

Screenshot: Snippets Engine

Look at the sleek, compact design.

You click a tab and immediately, if not sooner, you're working on that part of the sales letter.  

You can go back and forth between tabs, no problem.

When you're finished, you click a button on the tab "Generate Sales Letter," and - zing! - your sales letter is exported to HTML ready for you to tweak in your favorite editor - if you need to.

When you create your sales letters in "evolution", you can save it in SLE format, bring it back into "evolution" later and resume your work.

Because the sales letter data is stored on your local drive, you can create multiple versions of the same letter (great for AB testing!).

"And the Final Sales Page! Oh My!"

This just in. John sent me this note just now. It's something that I just have to share with you!

"Deepak -

I'm giving this program you've created for me a workout. It's wonderful. You have met my requirements! How often a developer has done that for me I can count on one hand. :) But that's just the tip of the iceberg, my friend.

The proof is in the pudding as they say. And what pudding it is! The output is professional! And all I do is use your tool and it does the output. It's an amazing thing to behold. The ease of use and the final sales page! Oh my. I don't know if I'm going to be able to sleep tonight. I'm feeling quite giddy.

Thanks again, Deepak. Just wonderful!


I can't think of a thing to add to that. :)

Who Should Consider Using "Evolution": The Sales Letter Processor?

Evolution can be used with great benefit by anyone involved in written persuasion. Whether you are writing a sales letter for the web, for print, or email, "evalution" will help.

Even if you are writing a plain text sales letter for email, EVOLUTION will help you:

Brainstorm ideas
Put order to your thoughts
Set everything in a tried-and-true winning sequence
Enable you write and re-write your sales letter till it's perfect
Publish your masterpiece to the web

Looking at some of the finer points, EVOLUTION will empower you to:

Work from a sales perspective, not merely a web editor perspective.
Work with snippets that are specifically about helping you generate more sales!
Enable you to add your own snippets and go beyond what even we can envision!

You'll make this tool your own, and never look back.

Let's Recap What Is Included In Your Package:

Evolution -- The software itself.

Master Resell Rights -- You can sell the software and let your customers sell it too.

Three Years Free Upgrades -- You will receive all minor and major upgrades to the software for three years from the date of purchase.

Sales Letter -- The exact copy of this website. You can use the same copy of this website to sell the software. I have paid few thousands of dollars to get this copy written. You can take advantage of the hard work already done :-)

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To Your Success,

Deepak Arora & Bill Thomas

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